4.6 Million Comic Books!

Free Comic Book Day is annually celebrated by a number of participating countries all over the world. And this year, their respective comic book stuff retailers ordered a ridiculously record-setting number of comic books for the event. 4.6 million comic books have been collectively ordered for this year's Free Comic Book Day. Do you have any idea how many comic books that is?

Okay, let's put the number 4.6 million into perspective for a minute, so we can grasp just how massive that is.

You can literally give one comic book to each man, woman, and child in Ireland. You can give two comic books to every living human being in Quezon City. But if you think about it, the more shocking statistic there is the population density of Quezon City compared to Ireland.

The average comic book measures 17x26cm. So, theoretically, if you lay the comics down end to end, 4.6 million comic books measures about 1,196 kilometers long. That's roughly the distance between Manila and Hong Kong.

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Free Comic Book Day 2013 - Setting the Record

When you're going to do something, you might as well do it right. Like I always say - go big or go home. Castle Geek, National Bookstore and Neutral Grounds are planning to do just that this at this year's Worldwide Free Comic Book Day by setting the record for the most number of sketches by comic book artists on blank comic book covers in one event! So, what does that mean for you? That means there will be a bunch of your favorite comic book artists all in one place for you to harass!

Here is the list of artists they have so far:

Allen Geneta
Andrew Villar
Anthony Jay Tan
Bien Flores
Brian Balondo
Carlo San Juan
Carlo Vergara
Charles Jr.Penero
Dan Borgonos
Dino Agor
Dong Jr. Beniga
Eman Casallos
Emil Cabaltierra
Ernest Caritativo
Francis Nuguit
Fritz Casas
Gilbert Monsanto
Gio Paredes
Ian Sta. Maria
JB Casacop
Jeffery Benitez
Jeffery Huet
Jethro Morales
Jezreel Rojales
Jimbo Salgado
Jomar Bulda
Jonathan Lau
Jovenal Mendoza
Julius Abrera
Julius Gopez
Jun Dayo
Kajo Baldissimo
Michael Bartolo
MJ Pajaron
Nestor Celario
Nelz Yumul
Nixon Na
Oliver Pulumbarit
Patrick Enrique
Peejay Catacutan
Raymund Bermudez
Rob Cham
Romulo Jr. Fajardo
Roy Allan Martinez
Stephanie Anne L. Pascual

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Awesome Fan-Made Movies

My first exposure to fan-made movies and trailers was care of a friend of mine named Mike. He showed me Sandy Collora's Batman: Dead End, and it just blew my mind. Since then, I've seen a bunch of them, some better than others obviously. A popular character to turn into a fan film is Batman and his cohorts, which is expected as he's just a guy in a bat suit who can do crazy stuff.

See? Crazy.

Let me list down all the awesome fan-made comic book movies and we'll save the best for last. Let's go.

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Comicdom's Sharpest Shot

Superhero powers range from the impossible to the improbable. We have heroes who can fly on their own power, deflect bullets with their skin, run at speeds that cause time to go backwards, and lift buildings right out of their foundations. In fact, that power set is considered the "standard meta human." On the flipside, we've got guys who are just really damn good at what they do, enough to be considered a super power (kinda). And being good at that one normal human thing puts these guys on a more level playing field. That leads me to the question - Who is the best?

Of all these street-level "super" powers, I've always loved hyper accuracy. In every major team, there is always one underdog who earns his keep just by being able to hit things all the time, especially when the pressure is on. Let's talk about who of all comicdom is the best shot.

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2012 Character of the Year

2012 was a year of new beginnings and yes, I am aware that's redundant. But 2012 flipped things around so much that the redundancy actually makes sense. The year saw rebirth of a species, villains becoming heroes, heroes becoming villains, teams changing lineups, new titles being launched, and a bunch of other new things. But no character was more responsible for the gears of change turning than our 2012 Character of the Year - CYCLOPS!

He started a war with the Avengers, making human-mutant relations that much more strained. It wasn't enough that he exiled his species onto an independent island nation; he had to risk the lives of everyone on the planet based on a hunch - an act like that shook the Marvel Universe to the core. New problems were brought to light that the current characters must now face, which makes for a very nice segue to the events of Marvel Now! And you know what, it turns out, Cyclops was right! Captain America and every other Avenger was wrong.

What was once a species on the brink of extinction has been brought back in full force. You know who you should thank for that? Well, Hope Summers. But it was Cyclops who made it all possible. It was Scott Summers who took the risk on everything, and it paid off big time. All of this, at the cost of Cyclops' freedom and status as a superhero. The man once considered to be the general of the mutant species is now a revolutionary, a renegade, a criminal in the eyes of so many, and the law.

It feels refreshing yet familiar at the same time, which makes all of 2013 a very exciting time to be a comic book fan.


Dr. Octopus - Big year (couple of years, actually) for Doc Ock. He was able to get the worlds' leaders on his side, got everyone to hate Spidey for opposing him. He defeated the Avengers. And to top it all off, he hurt Peter Parker the way no other villain has or ever could. Read Amazing Spider-Man 698, 699, 700 and Avenging Spider-Man 15.1.

Joker - The Clown Price of Crime made his debut in the New 52 DC Universe and he made it with the style you would always expect from him. Death in the Family is in full swing now and he is in the Bat-Family's collective head real bad. To this day, the only villain that actually makes me nervous every time he makes an appearance in whatever medium, whether a video game or comic book or cartoon, is the Joker. And 2012 just made him that much creepier.


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