What was so Offensive about Pugad Baboy?

The Philippine Daily Inquirer – a newspaper that takes pride in “Balanced News, Fearless Views” – recently suspended its long-running comic strip Pugad Baboy over this three-panel gag:

Why put Pugad Baboy on hiatus over this? The offending strip opens with a brief examination of religious hypocrisy: though conservative-leaning Christians and Catholics frown upon gays and lesbians, Catholic girls-exclusive schools (those run by nuns, no less) tend to condone lesbian students. The punchline comes when Tiny, part of the strip’s main cast, concurs, pointing out that most, if not all, pretty students at the Catholic St. Scholastica’s College, have girlfriends. In 63 words, cartoonist Pol Medina, Jr. cracked a joke about common religious behaviors, as well as poked fun at a stereotype alleged to a popular all-girls’ school.

The question still stands, however; why was Pugad Baboy suspended?

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Your Favorite Superhero Costumes Vol. 1

Marvel's Marvel Now! and DC's New 52 have taken our beloved heroes and villains and gave them a makeover to keep them fresh yet again. That's nothing new, though. The big two publishers have been updating their characters every few years to make them relevant to the current market. Most recently, DC did it in 2011 and Marvel's initiative came much later on Oct. 2012. And now that a bunch of artists have had their shot at rendering the new looks for our favorite Marvel and DC characters, I figured it'd be nice to go over the best changes and let you guys decide if they've gotten better or worse compared to their classic first costumes and other previous incarnations.

It's just a simple survey, really. All you have to do is pick your favorite costume and we'll see at the end of this thing which costumes are the most popular. If you like a costume that isn't there, just add it to the list of possible answers. It's important to note that we're talking about main timelines. If we use alternate versions, we'll have way too much to pick from.


Let's start with the character who sparked the superhero genre thing - Superman. There isn't much to say about his costume changes through the years. They've mostly been small tweaks here and there, and except for a few brief instances like the red and blue Superman in the 90's, and the New 52, Supes' has stayed pretty much the same. It's always been the S shield, the blue tights, and the red cape and boots. Still, even with those small tweaks, there must be something that should stand out for you personally, yeah?

Costume Polls Bim 4 Years ago
Superman's Costume

Which Superman costume is the ultimate Superman costume for you?

Comments (0)Blue/Red Superman
Comments (0)Modern Superman
Comments (0)New 52 Superman
Comments (0)Classic 1938 Superman
Comments (0)Action Comics shirt and jeans Superman
1 Votes left

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Mark Millar's Jupiter's Legacy Kick-off Party in Manila

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to eat food bought with the money of a superstar? Wonder no more!

Manila's own National Bookstore and Comicx Hub are going to host the first leg in Mark Millar's Jupiter's Legacy kick-off party! There will be 9 parties in total all over the world. The other cities are Glasgow, New York, London, Dublin, Madrid, Chicago, New Hampshire, and Los Angeles. Just knowing that Manila is part of that list is making me all sorts of happy. It shows that Mr. Millar thinks Manila is a good enough market to invest in; and on top of that, we're the only Asian country on the party list.

Mark Millar himself will buy the first round of drinks and pizza for the NBS and Comicx Hub party, which will be on April 23, 2013 (that's tomorrow!), 5PM at the Comicx Hub Comics Store, 3/F Bloomingdale Plaza, Shaw Boulevard, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

EDIT: He won't be here himself. He's just footing the bill. I saw a few people saying he would come while linking to this post. Sorry about the confusion, folks.

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Free Comic Book Day 2013 List

As May 4 draws near, GeekOut takes a look at the goodies we'll possibly be getting this Free Comic Book Day 2013. I've always thought that FCBD was a good mix of comic book publisher marketing and community building. The event brings in more people into the comic book world, as well allow comic book fans discover great reads from publishers that aren't just the big two.

Here is the list of the titles that make up the 4.6 million free comic books open to all our grubby hands at the annual event.

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Jeremy Whitely on Molly Danger

It's not really news that a lot of talented comic book artists come from the Philippines. A lot of them work for the big two publishers, but there are also a bunch who work in the indies and the smaller publishing companies. Romulo Fajardo, Jr. is one such guy. He works primarily with colors and has done a bunch of awesome stuff, including Star Trek, G.I. Joe and the new KISS series.

He also worked on FCBD's Molly Danger! He'll be at National Bookstore, Quezon Ave on May 4, for our FCBD!

In the meantime, here's an interview with Jeremy Whitely, writer of FCBD Molly Danger:

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