With Great Power Comes Great Neuroses and Anxiety

Have you ever wondered what kind of person would someone have to be to put on a costume and bear the weight of the responsibility they put upon their own shoulders? Did you ever wonder what type of mental state a man has to be in to wear a bat costume and beat people up, or to wear a devil suit to do pretty much the same thing? Well, the dudes at Sequentialink.com not only thought about it, but dove right in the deep end of it.

This is probably how Caio Oliveira came up with Super-Ego, originally a web comic that focuses on Dr. Eugene Goodman. Dr. Goodman is a clinical psychotherapist who specializes in the treatment of superhumans, in a society much like our own - where they are idolized and held in high regard. All the characters that Dr. Goodman examines are fresh, but are still familiar. You can tell, at times, that the only thing keeping Caio from using Marvel and DC characters are copyright laws.

It sort of reminds me of Dr. Katz, that squiggly animated series. In fact, this concept is something that might make for a really good TV series. There's all the requisites for a good comic book, but it's so quirky and entertaining that I think it could easily leap over mediums. Not to mention the possibilities are in no way limited - a good writing team can keep stretching this thing out and still keep it fresh for a long time.

They had a Kickstarter campaign that had a ton of brilliant perks. Unfortunately, that ended a few days ago. They were able to reach their goal, but not their stretch goal, but it's okay. They got the legendary Glenn Fabry on board anyway. Mr. Fabbry is joining this gang of contributing artists for pin-ups.

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The Wonder Woman Short By Rainfall Films

Check it out! This is the new Wonder Woman short that's been making the rounds lately. It was released earlier this week by Rainfall Films on their website and on Youtube. The film makers also made a project page with details about the production as well as some behind the scenes photos. The short film, which stars Rileah Vanderbilt as the spear-throwing and butt-kicking Amazon princess, has had over 3,700,000 views since it's release.


Your Favorite Superhero Costumes Vol 2. feat. Shellhead and Spidey

In Vol. 1 of Your Favorite Superhero Costume, we got a pretty good glimpse of the most popular costumes of a few heroes. Superman, of course, got his modern costume. Batman got Jim Lee's version. It seems you can't beat the classics because everyone loves Wonder Woman's classic look. Those three had run away winners, too. Flash got love with Wally's costume, maybe because of Justice League Unlimited. Green Lantern's best costume is his Rebirth outfit, but New 52 wasn't far behind. Captain America's most favored suit is his classic costume, but it only won over his WWII uniform by 1 vote. Wolverine's X-Force costume won, much to my surprise. I thought everyone loved the red and blue tiger stripe used in the animated show. Thor's Olivier Coipel-designed modern costume got the top vote. I seriously don't know why the Marvel Now! costume had to be made. Hawkeye's classic and Heroic Age costumes were the top two, with the classic suit winning with 1 vote. Ms. Marvel's Warbird black swimsuit costume won by a landslide.

Now as promised in Your Favorite Superhero Costume Vol. 1, we'd put together another one for other characters. And as some people pointed out, Vol. 1 had a serious lack of Spidey. Fear not, webheads and shellheads, you get to vote for and talk about your favorite costumes for both Spider-Man and Iron Man here in Vol. 2!

While Spider-Man always comes back to his classic red and blues, every now and again, he changes things up for one reason or another. Sometimes, Spidey changes outfits based on specific needs or simply because someone else has taken up the mantle of the Spider. This is true for Iron Man, as well, but in Tony's case, the Iron Man suit constantly evolves. What good is tech if it doesn't upgrade, right?

And that's what I think will make this poll very interesting. They both have so many fan favorite designs! And because of that, we will include every costume I can think of, including main alternate universes, different identities and non-616 continuities. Let's kick things off with Spider-Man!

Spider-Man's main look hasn't really changed that much since 1962 - big white buggy eyes, web pattern, spider emblem, full face mask, red webby boots. When things need to get shaken up, Spidey makes the necessary changes. Other people who have claimed the Spider-Man name have also put their own spin on the costume. Thing is, I'm pretty sure the classic red and blue will win this by a landslide so instead of taking out the good ole' classic look, we'll all get to cast two votes for this particular poll. So, which Spider-Man costume is the ultimate fan favorite?

Costume Polls Bim 4 Years ago
Spider-Man Fan Favorite Costume

Which Spider-Man costume is your ultimate favorite? Remember, you can vote two times in this poll!



Comments (0)Classic Red and Blue


Comments (0)Black Suit


Comments (0)Future Foundation


Comments (0)Ultimate Universe Miles Morales
2 Votes left

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Iron Man is in a constant state of improvement. Because of this, and because many artists have tried their hand at rendering different types of Iron Man armor, Tony Stark finds himself with continuously evolving suits of armor. This is pretty much in line with his character, as well. He's a futurist. Therefore, he must look to always bringing something new to his hall of armor. And since Iron Man doesn't really have a go-to set of armor, we only get one vote for this poll. Pick your absolute favorite Iron Man armor!

Costume Polls Bim 4 Years ago
Iron Man's Finest Suit of Armor

Which of Iron Man's suits of armor do you think is the absolute greatest?



Comments (0)Extremis


Comments (0)Bleeding Edge


Comments (0)Pentagon/New Avengers


Comments (0)Marvel Now!
1 Votes left

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I know I skipped a metric ton of costumes and sets of armor, especially in alternate universes, but there was just way too many. If ever you feel there's a costume that should be included, you can add your own answers.

Alright! Thanks for voting! Maybe you can tell us why you voted for that particular costume in the comments below!


Variant Week at Comicxhub

Ah, yes, comic book variant covers - alternative art on the same comic books, printed in limited numbers and usually sell for more than the cover price. These things do really well because comic book fans obsess over getting every possible variant to their favorite titles, character, or even art done by their favorite artists. I don't have an extensive collection, but I do know I have all covers to Daredevil #500, which took me a while to complete.

Biggest problem collectors have, besides the higher asking price, is that these variants are printed in such limited numbers and some guy always buys it 15 minutes earlier than you.

Enter Comicxhub! For 7 days, August 1 - 7, they are having an ALL VARIANT SALE!

They have over 100 titles with variants. That Secret Origins of Tony Stark DP cover is pretty sweet. They kept that under wraps for a while, and I was actually hoping for the Hulkbuster armor but the Deadpool one works, too. Best part - everything's 200 bucks or the cover price. Variants at cover price is how it should really be, but considering the law of supply and demand, retailers can charge a premium for em'.

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Castle Geek Pull List Service

How many comics do you buy every month? Do you go over 10 titles? If so, wow, you've got a buttload of money. But since you already go over 10 a month, maybe you should be rewarded a little for your dedication to the hobby. Over at Castle Geek, they have a pull list service with a ton of discounts and bonuses for the entire month of July.

Here's how it works. You just gotta go to a Castle Geek store in either The Collective, Glorietta, or Greenhills. Sign up with at least 10 titles and you get your comics reserved. That's nothing new. I've been having my comics reserved for years now, and I would just like to thank all retailers who do this for us and in the same breath apologize for those that I've had reserved but was never able to pick up. The innovation here would be the extra perks once you do sign up.

A free comic book...? Worth $2.99? EVERY MONTH? Hot damn. These people must not like making money.

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