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With the DC reboot well underway, people are starting to form valid and informed opinions about DC's new direction. Some are writing reviews, and some are discussing it within like-minded forums. Other people decided to just tweet about it. There's a ridiculously hilarious hashtag on Twitter right now -#DCnUSpoilers! We picked out a few of my favorites!

Ade Magnaye of Comicgasm has some of the funnier ones.

Ooh, and Batman can't stick to walls but he can hang up-side-down real good.

CANNOT UNREAD! From now on, every time someone says "poozer," I'm going to giggle.

I laughed a little too hard at this.

Be honest with yourself, you imagined it as soon as you read it, too.

I'd believe it.

As long as they don't explode kids, we're all good.

With that userpic, this tweet was just perfect.

See comment above.

This one is from Ade's Plurk, but it was too funny to not share.

Ah 90's Liefeld jokes. Like pouches, there will never be enough. That one's from our resident Word Doodler, Marco.

And there a ton more on Twitter! Just do a quick search and be ready to waste hours upon hours of otherwise productive time!


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