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Couple months back, a friend of mine and editor-in-chief of the esteemed publication Baddieverse, Gino (Baddie is his supervillain name) put together a comic book fan group on Facebook called We Read Comics PH

While it isn't the only or first comic book fan group around, it's certainly a refreshing one. The people are interesting and everyone is there to take part in something they all love. Sure, you've got your usual "I am too cool for mainstream comics" guys who criticize everything and can only seem to appreciate things if only twelve people on the planet have read about it, but there aren't a lot of them there. For the most part, everyone there is there to enjoy comics. Plain and simple. It's just a fun time all around. 


If you are so inclined, we are always welcoming new members if you fit the bill. And if you wanna tell all your friends about the group, feel free to use these images!


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