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by Amun Rhanta Reon



This review/blog post may or might contain spoilers. If you still haven't read the major X-Men plotlines or the Uncanny X-Force and other related comics, you might not want to proceed from this period.

Seeing you're still reading this, you are prepared for the risks. Opinions expressed in this post are all from me, so our opinions might differ at some points of the review.



Wolverine: X-Force is gonna make sure NONE of the bad guys show up on our school's doorstep. On-call Campus Police.

Fantomex: Campus Illuminati Assassin Squad has a better ring.


After the deaths of Nightcrawler and Cable’s sacrifice to get the team back to their original timeline, Cyclops ordered X-Force disbanded. Since he realized that things are—well—actually fine, he didn’t see the immediate need of a team like the X-Force. Even though they are ‘actually fine’, things are pretty messed up after the surprising events. 

You better not mess up with the X-Men with them around or they’ll end up messing you.


Logan knows that other enemies will come sooner or later, and the X-Men will still need a team that isn’t afraid to make the tough choices—to take care of matters, permanently. He was right; situations skated from ‘pretty messed up’ the moment villains showed up. Right now, everything’s really messed up. As far as Scott’s concerned, the X-Force is over and out. As for Wolverine, Fantomex, Archangel, Psylocke and Deadpool—well, they have a different opinion at that matter. 


Clayton Crain’s variant makes it all look better. See that? You heard me right, that’s Deadpool—the merc with a mouth.


Enter the new X-Force.


Originally a strike force to do the X-Men’s dirty work—stuff they usually can’t do plus or minus murder, the current X-Force is Black Ops: from the identities down to the suits, it’s pure in camera. Their existence, as they have agreed upon each other, is to be kept secret.

They aren’t teenagers with attitude nor do they have the Planeteers’ Rings. They don’t have aWatchtower or magical Lantern Rings but they are pretty darn good with what they do.


In fact, they are the best of their times. Psychic battles for the win!

Not all teams are as perfect as the Powerpuff Girls, though. While the X-Men aims for the equality of mutants and the Avengers wants the peace the world deserves, our X-Force wants all problems out—they either deal with this the painful way, or the excruciatingly painful way.

Either way, it hurts.

That’s the little tinge that makes them extra special: they don’t hesitate to make the hard decisions. They either find a way to make things work—and fast, or they deal with it the best way possible. It might probably be a very painful way, so long as it’s the only way; they’d take it.

Okay, sure---maybe that was a little over the line. Still, it’s the fate of the world we’re talking about—and they don’t have time to spare.


I mean--sure, with a gang such as the X-Force, things may seem to go a little too far-fetched. Wolverine’s too straight and usually tends to go on his game by himself; Fantomex seems to keep secrets of his own, Angel’s personal demons are starting to take over, Psylocke is letting her emotions get the best of her and Deadpool is---well, loud. Really loud.

Jean-Philippe agrees.

Nightcrawler agrees.

Even Wolverine agrees. Seriously, they’d be impressed if you survive long enough with him.

I guess Deadpool’s just one of the few minds who held the team together. With Deadpool’s queer sense of humor aided with Fantomex’s charm towards the womenfolk, they proved that even in the midst of all the hardships they’ve experienced throughout their career as a team—they still need to get going. They’ll never know if they’ll never try. They ain’t stopping now.

Not now, not ever.

Good thing he’s got regenerative healing, but still--sheesh!


What’s the X-Force got that other teams should dig?



On-Campus training---simulates the most dangerous of scenarios and work your way on them.

Perfectly safe—just don’t manage to let the Danger Room simulation blast yourself to smithereens.


If the X-Men’s got the Blackbird, X-Force got EVA. She’s also Fantomex’s nervous system.


They even got buddies from other timelines.  Don’t ask, just read.


Everyone’s got a favorite telepath, but with X-Force’s Psylocke—one with the body of a martial artist, reflexes of an assassin and a mind programmed to find the most efficient way to kill---she’s a deadly combination of all three.


They might not have the most powerful mutants and superhumans around, but they still carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. Each member of the X-Force swore not to tell anyone about this—especially this current roster. Wolverine—one of the big time mutants also working for other teams, had to work with the Avengers along with the X-Force without getting caught by the prior.

Angel even took the initiative to lend the X-Cavern to his teammates as a home base—unbeknownst to the rest of the world.


As the quote on the above picture says, The Future depends on it. They might be defending the whole mutant populace from threats—and from potential threats, on the rise; they not have realized yet, though, but they already have saved the world a few couple of times.

In the end, I guess all sacrifices are worth it.


All things happen for a reason, and I believe this team believes that when you want change—you’ve got to make that change. It’s not always easy, and sometimes, we always have to suffer before the results started coming. Sometimes, there’s got to be problems before we realize the good things we’ve got and that we need to value them.

The X-Force treats each passing day as the last—each mission as a step closer to saving the world. That if they don’t stop threats now, if they’d give any opportunity to their enemies, the world’s going to get closer to more perils---and the X-Force know the world doesn't need any more of them right now. 


Amun Rhanta Reon is a member of The Comic Book Group. He likes cookies.

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