Jay Tablante/ Raffy Tesoro's Scarlet Witch

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Long have I wanted to write about Jay Tablante's awesomeness, but I just never got around to doing it. Mostly because whenever I would start looking at Tablante's work, I'd just get lost in the gallery due to excessive asskickery. Ever since he came out with pic of Rhian Ramos as Rogue, I've been hooked. Although I'm pretty sure nerds all over the country used his art as masturbatory fodder, the guy is still seriously a fucking genius!

Here is a video of Jay Tablante and Raffy Tesoro talking about how they do these amazing things. They also give a sneak peak of their next project, Scarlet Witch! Booyah!

If you ask me, my favorite has got to be Jinri Park as Psylocke.

How about you, you depraved perverts, which ones are your favorites?


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