The LEGO Movie Is Not For The Cynical

I know what I'm about to write  is a very unpopular opinion. I've posted about it on Facebook and was met with very valid points by those who disagreed with me. So let's get that out of the way first. 

The LEGO movie, as a movie, is not bad in any way. But a part of me can't shake the fact that the entire thing felt like a 100 minute TVC to sell you more LEGO sets. Seriously. I bet the conversation over at the LEGO offices happened like this:

LEGO Executive 1: "Holy crap. Only nostalgic adults are buying our products! We need to arrest that trend and encourage parents to buy LEGO for their children, that highly sought after demographic."

LEGO Executive 2: "We need to reach them through an interactive medium!"

LEGO Executive 1: "You mean, like video games? WE'VE BEEN DOING THAT, MAN!"

LEGO Executive 2: "Okay let's make a movie!"

LEGO Executive 1: "You are brilliant, man!"

So, yeah, the entire movie shouts this at me - "Hey kids and parents of kids, look at how you should play with our products! Look at all the different IPs we have licensed!"

Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street)

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Re-Watch

As Michael Bay's new 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' movie is due out later this year, I thought I'd take some time and re-watch the 1990 live action adaptation. That way, it's fresh in my mind when I end up hating the new version. I'll need the geek ammunition for my inevitable rant.

I'm glad to say that the film still holds up, even after a decade and a half.

First things first, this movie came out almost 24 years ago, long before the VFX revolution. The effects in this film are mostly limited to makeup and costume, and a whole lot of damned good stunt work. As such, it does require a bit more suspension of disbelief in order to buy into the premise of the movie: four anthropomorphic turtles, trained in ninjitsu by a mutant rat, living in the sewers of New York City and fighting against a secret underground organization of teenage thieves led by a Japanese ninja master.

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A Review of 47 Ronin

So last weekend the Metro Manila Film Festival finally ended and Philippine cinemas were finally free to replace the local garbage habitually exhibited during the holidays with garbage from foreign countries. This time we had a choice between two Hollywood films that have gotten abysmal reviews from critics and movie goers alike. As of this writing, The Legend of Hercules has a 4% score on so that was out. I like a few of Renny Harlin's movies (Cliffhanger and Deep Blue Sea were both awesome, folks), but he's had so many misses since the 90's that I felt that this one didn't warrant the p220 ticket.

At an aggregate score of 11%, 47 Ronin isn't that much better, but it's got samurai in it. I'm pretty sure that it was Sun Tzu who said, "everything is better with samurai, dude". And besides, every now and then, I enjoy watching a 'bad' movie. At worst, I can write about it from experience, and at best, the reviews desensitize me so well that I end up enjoy it sans any expectations.

I'm glad to say that 47 Ronin was in that latter category.

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Movies to Look Forward to in 2014


So every year, I go online and take a look at sites like RottenTomatoes, IMDB, and IMPAwards to see what's coming up next year so I know what I'm supposed to be geeking out about and when. It's every geek's conscientious duty to follow notables in their specific fandom and plan their days off to coincide with the various activities involving said subjects. Ticket line camp outs, midnight showings, crowded conventions, the occasional 72 hour gaming marathon, etc.

2014 looks like it's going to be a great year for cinema fans (especially for science fiction addicts), with some promising new titles, franchise reboots, and studio tent poles spread out through the seasons. Here are some of the ones I'm looking forward to, in order of announced release date.

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Thor: The Dark World was EnTHORtaining

Thor: The Dark World is the sequel to 2011's Thor. It was directed by Alan Taylor and stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Eccleston, and Natalie Portman. I'm not the best at reviewing movies since normally my take on these things is purely based on my enjoyment and I rarely take into consideration things cinephiles normally would - things like camera angles and cinematography. So this is the uneducated movie-goer review, I guess.

And while I'm going to try to keep this relatively spoiler-free, there will be a couple bits here and there that might spoil you. Anything really spoilery will be hidden behind spoiler tags, so don't worry too much.

I'm just going to do it like a list - things I liked and things I didn't like. It won't be in any particular order, because I write horribly and my brain's a mess.

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