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I came across this article on World Of It had super close up shots of Henry Cavill in his Superman costume. I ganked a couple images so I could talk about them here.


I may not be the biggest Superman fan around but I still have a lot of nerd rage within me about this costume.

I guess the most glaring change would be the lack of the red underoos. Instead, they replaced it with an oversized cup and those alien-looking decals on the side of the costume. I've never really seen a Superman costume with that kind of design element. Maybe because it simply isn't as iconic as the red briefs.


The yellow belt is gone, too. While that isn't as glaring a change as the omission of the red briefs, long time fans would still notice it and might get irked. At least the shape and the color of the boots sort of stayed the same, even though they look like they're made from the same material as the rest of the suit.

My speculation is that the cape is going to be added in during post production. That'll make it seem more flowly than it could've been if they had worn a real cape. I'm reserving judgement until I actually see it, although I'm predicting I will say he looks like Spawn.

Another issue I have with the costume is the color. Why does everything have to be dark and gritty? Why can't we keep light characters light? Look at Thor - that wasn't dark and gritty. It was whimsical and majestic and grounded at the same time. Iron Man was high tech, bright and shiny. Captain America had a sepia, old timey treatment. Those all worked. If they had forced those characters to be Batman-esque, then it would've felt too forced.

I do, however, think that Henry Cavill's body type is just spot on for a Superman character. Too bad he's just random power suit guy.


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