Why Wonder Woman is Going to Rock

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One of the biggest stories surrounding the upcoming 'Man Of Steel' sequel, 'Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice,' is that Wonder Woman is joining the story. Naturally this idea has been celebrated as the first appearance of a full-fledged female superhero in modern film, as well as a general expansion of DC's cast of characters on the big screen. For those reasons, many will probably love Wonder Woman no matter how she's depicted by director Zack Snyder and his crew. But beyond her mere existence, here are a few reasons the new Wonder Woman character will rock.

To begin with, there's the fact that the creators of the DC films are under a great deal of pressure to deliver a compelling character. Not only are fans ready for a female superhero, but according to Variety, Gal Gadot (the lucky actress who snagged the role) has signed for three movies in total. Those three movies are expected to include the aforementioned 'Dawn Of Justice,' the eventual 'Justice League,' as well as a standalone 'Wonder Woman' film that will presumably delve more thoroughly into the character's backstory. With this kind of deal in place, Wonder Woman will have to deliver in her initial appearance in order to drive up interest for the ones to come!

Next, there's Gadot herself to consider, and this is an actress who seems primed for a breakout. Not only is she unconscionably gorgeous (you know, objectively speaking), but she's already done pretty well as an action hero. Best known for appearing in the last three 'Fast & Furious' movies, she held her own quite well alongside the established and beloved family of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Co. She also seems to have a feisty side that may suit her well in becoming the Amazonian Princess of heroes. Seemingly in response to some comic-loving critics' issues with her physique with regard to the role, Gadot posted a workout picture demonstrating her physical preparation.

It's also worth noting that the very concept of Wonder Woman is a effectively a blank slate. Yes, there's plenty of comic book background for the filmmakers to depend upon, but as far as the modern audience is concerned, droves of superhero movie fans barely have any idea what or who Wonder Woman is! She just hasn't had a place in the superhero culture of the last decade. To be fair, online gaming site InterCasino has a Wonder Woman game that depicts her as an ass-kicking warrior princess, and likewise the character is featured in the popular Injustice: Gods Among Us games. But aside from that, there have been virtually no glimpses of Wonder Woman in the 21st century. A television show was planned at one point, but it was cancelled after the pilot was evidently horrible.

Why does this contribute to the idea that Wonder Woman may be a great addition to the new movies? Basically, Zack Snyder and Co. have no constraints. They'll rely on the comics, but aside from that, there's no public perception or established idea they have to cater to. That fact could make the character one of the more original and unique we've seen in superhero movies.

Add it all up, and we may just have superhero cinema's biggest wildcard. And that makes Wonder Woman one of the most exciting aspects of 'Dawn Of Justice' to look forward to.


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