What's Your Number is Worth A Dial

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Jurmane Lallana
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What’s It About?

What’s Your Number takes us into the story of Ally Darling (Anna Faris), a recently unemployed woman with no life direction (Sounds bleak? It actually gets bleaker). As she helps her sister Daisy (Ari Graynor) get ready for her wedding, Ally realizes that she has slept with a total of 20 guys without finding the right one. Because of a study that says women who reach up to this level are bound not to get married, she sets on a quest to track down these past lovers and give them another chance. With the help of his playboy neighbor Colin (Chris Evans), she finds them one by one, only to realize that it’s not as simple as she thought it would be.

What’s Interesting (And Not)?

What’s Your Number has the usual things that romantic comedies have: an awkward girl out to take on the world, a hot guy who seems to be a jerk but is a gentle soul inside, a bunch of annoying, but thankfully attractive, family members and friends, a problem, a moment where the connection between the guy and the girl is established, the inevitable conflict and the realizations that end in tears and laughter. If you say that there seems to be nothing new in this film, then you would be right (Elizabeth Reaser’s The Ex-List has a fairly similar concept). However, there is a reason why this is called the formula: it actually works. Things might be predictable and there might not be anything mind-blowing but it is still an entertaining ride. What’s Your Number is generally funny, and it’s not the forced type of funny. Anna Faris is always a treat to watch. Her antics make me laugh, smile, and laugh some more. Simply put, she brings the sexy in being silly. Chris Evans seems to be ageless so far. I am sure ladies will be relieved that his bulky Captain America look was not photoshopped after all. With the lighter mood and romance angle, this is more familiar ground for him, and it shows in his chemistry with Faris. Cameos do not hurt the film either. Brief appearances of Zachary Quinto and Martin Freeman are pleasant additions. Oh, and let us not forget that ridiculously amusing basketball scene!

What’s the Verdict?

It is not just about a love story, or a comedy, or Chris Evans spending half of the time without a shirt, but figuring out who you are, and finding that person you want to celebrate that discovery with. It doesn’t get sweeter than that. Again, you can find a LOT of this in a LOT of movies but why not look for this in “What’s Your Number?”

Come on, flex those finger muscles and dial!


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