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Because of the lack of female contributors on this site, I was commissioned by the big boss to write something to give it girl powah a touch of the feminine side. I was given free reign to decide what to write about, so I thought it best to review a chick flick (hrhrhr). For the record, I'm accustomed to writing about tales of degustation over at BaconTunaMelt (yes, I'm plugging), so please allow me to sneak in a few tasty adjectives within this post no matter how inappropriate they may be.

Crazy Stupid Love

Before watching the flick, I had absolutely no idea what Crazy, Stupid, Love was about. All I knew about it was that it stars Steve Carell, Julianne Moore (a cougar crush of mine), Ryan Gosling (yum), Emma Stone, and the perennial slutty girl, Marissa Tomei.

*spoilers start here*

The opening credits hooked me in right away mainly because of the John Legend song that was playing just as the movie began (I'm a fan, obvs). The story starts out with Emily (Julianne Moore) asking Cal (Steve Carell) for a divorce from their twenty-something year marriage. I thought that the crazy (and sometimes meaningless) Steve Carell antics would begin shortly.

It turns out that I was wrong (although he did jump out of a moving car).

The movie focuses mainly on the story of Cal and his life as a newly divorced middle-aged man who hasn't had sex with anyone but his wife (they got married at seventeen) plus a few more stories on the side. One of which is Hannah's (Emma Stone). The movie segues to a bar scene, introducing us to the lovely Hannah telling her Asian friend that she would do Conan O'Brien because he's funny. She promptly gets hit on by bar local and ladies' man Jacob (in the form of mangod Ryan Gosling) but declines politely. We find out it's because she's in a boring relationship with a lawyer boyfriend (Josh Groban. Yea, that guy.). Jacob easily finds another girl to hit on and we see how good he is with the ladies.

Emma Stone is funneh cute

In the same bar, Cal spends his nights drinking his problems away with alcohol and whining to whoever would listen that his wife slept with someone else and left his life in shambles. Jacob takes pity on the unkempt Cal and proposes to teach him the ways of the world (because he's a god and all that). Cal agrees to it and is then treated to a makeover- a new haircut and a shopping spree at least. Apparently, HIMYM's Barney is right, suits are magic. He meets Kate (Marissa Tomei) and with the right amount of honesty on Cal's part and a bit of desperation on Kate's part, the two start a conversation, one thing leads to another and well.. you know what happens next.

Honestly, Marissa Tomei is the perfect mix of cute and sexy

There are some weaker side stories. There's one about Emily and David (Kevin Bacon), the guy she cheated on Cal with; another one about Jonah (Emily and Cal's son) who was in love with his babysitter; there's another about the babysitter who was infatuated with Cal and was going to send nudies to him, and yet another one with Kate causing a scene because Cal didn't call her back after having sex with her.

To close the story, the movie goes back to Hannah. She's had enough with boring boyfriend, gets drunk one night and makes a move on that guy who hit on her in the bar a few days ago, Jacob. Hannah wants to "bang" so Jacob brings her back to his place but the two end up talking all night rather than "banging". Long story short, Jacob finds a "game changer" in Hannah, straightens himself out, and sets out to meet her family. Fret not ladies, before all the niceties, we are treated to a delicious close up of Ryan Gosling's lovely buns.

"It's like you're Photoshopped!"

Meanwhile, Cal is still trying to win Emily back with the help of their kids with a surprise for her at their house. Their eldest daughter arrives in time for the surprise, with boyfriend in tow. Guess who it is? Yup, it's Hannah and Jacob. In another house, the babysitter's dad found out about the nudies of said babysitter addressed to Cal and rushes over. To top it all off, David (the guy Emily cheated on Cal with) is at the door to return Emily's jacket. And as you can guess, hilarity ensues.

Boys will be boys?

Months after the ruckus, everyone is getting along. That is, everyone except Cal. Emily still thinks he had an affair with the babysitter (and that one with Kate/Marissa Tomei typecast), Jonah hates him because of it, and he still can't accept that Jacob is dating his precious little girl. Eventually, they work out the kinks (it involves Cal buying a shotgun and Jonah getting a nudie of his hot babysitter/love of his life as a graduation present).The ending is cheesy with a whole speech about soulmates and never giving up, it's a romantic comedy after all.

*spoilers end here*

Although the directors kept the tone light for the entire duration of the movie, it wasn't exactly the fluff piece I was expecting it to be. It wasn't even the typical romantic comedy that the title suggests. Crazy, Stupid, Love is a well-rounded family story that discusses real-life relationship issues and feelings (it's okay, guys), although admittedly sweetened up with movie gloss. All in all, the movie has more than enough in the mix to have something for all viewers. This romcom isn't just for chicks, it could be for geeks too.


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