Battlefield 3 Datablitz Pre-order Bonuses

My biggest gripe with gaming here in the Philippines is the fact that we were always overlooked when it came to pre-order or mail-in order bonuses. The Gamestop here doesn't offer the same bonuses, and we don't have Best Buy or Walmart. I felt cheated. I was always forced to wait a few months before I can download the DLC, and normally for $15. It just felt unfair - I'm willing to pre-order, to pay good money, but because I'm not from North America or Europe, I don't get anything.

That is until Datablitz started offering the same pre-order bonuses you would get from Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy!

The pre-order bonus from any Datablitz is the Physical Warfare pack with the Type 88 LMG, flash suppesors, DAO-12 shotgun and flechette rounds and a shirt. Seriously, I would've been fine with just a shirt. On top of that, you get the Back to Karkand expansion map pack, too.

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Mortal Kombat's Scorpion

Photo of Jazware's Scorpion figure

Jazwares seems to want to play in the big leagues, but can’t seem to pull it together. They’ve obtained a few choice licenses in recent years (Astroboy, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the A-Team), but only their Robot Chicken toys really stood out  (and I feel that’s something of a cop out because those toys are really meant to be display pieces for adult nerds, rather than actual action figures). Back in February at the New York Toy Fair, they revealed that they also scored the Mortal Kombat license. Last month, we finally got to see what the final product looked like as the first assortment reached Philippine shores.

There were four figures in the first wave; Johnny Cage, Raiden, Sub-Zero, and Scorpion. I only picked up Scorpion because I heard he was popular and I’m a sucker for hype.

Photo of Scorpion in package

Photo of the back of the card

There’s a distinct pagoda-like feel to the architecture of the package and its deep reds and angry oranges are a great change from the boring Dark of the Moon toys and the blah blue and white of Marvel Universe.

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Spider-Man: EoT Josh Keaton Interview

Despite how straightforward and monotonous I found Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, I still find my interest piqued by Spider-Man: Edge of Time for some unholy reason. Maybe it's just masochism, who knows. Either way, I just came across a video of Josh Keaton talking about the latest Spider-Man game from Beenox! He mentions some pretty interesting things.

Oh wait, I think I figured out why I'm so interested.


The graphics look stunning, absolutely gorgeous. The gameplay, though, looks like the same old shit from Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. The two simultaneous timelines thing has me worried as it could be very gimmicky, but I guess only time will tell if my fears are well placed. We'll find out soon enough because the game ships October 14, 2011.

Return of Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusive Heroic Age Thor

Yes, Yes, Yes -- Marvel Legends is on its way back and during the recently held SDCC 2011 (an annual event held at San Diego, California), a lot of guys like me who started out hitting pegs, waiting for new waves of Marvel Legends, got the chance to see the upcoming Marvel Legends

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that were said to be out next year! I know some weren't satisfied. Some thought it's too early to tell until it hits the pegs and they get to open and inspect the figure themselves-- and some just wanted to snag them ASAP.

To kick off the "return" (reboot or whatever, it's ML, guys!) of Marvel Legends, they started it out with a uniquely packed Heroic Age Thor! How do I find it? well ---

Yes, Hasbro did a good job and despite all the stuff some people (including me) said about them regarding how they handled Marvel Legends, I think they're back to make it up to us.

Before anything else -- I know what's on your mind, "BAH!, The price is tooooooo high." Okay, check your surroundings, sir/ma'am -- check how much are those things are right now :) If you want it, get the best deal out there (SRP or SALES).

Alright -- so, I posted some pictures here and will include the video review at the end of the article. The video review is posted at my Youtube Channel and includes some talk regarding the figure, a closer look at the figure and size comparisons too. I hope you guys, will like it and of help to you if you are still thinking about getting the figure.

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Food Geeks! is REBORN!, the food geeks of lore, has been hard at work at their new look. Everything is sleeker and easier to navigate through. Also, their site look kicks the ass of the look, actually.

Head on over there if

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you're a foodie and give them some love!


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