New Gundam Breaker

I was never the biggest animé fan, though I've enjoyed some of the shows. However, there are a few shows that intrigue me simply because of the aesthetic and concept. 

I like video games. It's my main jam right now, as I started letting some hobbies go, video gaming is the one I kept because I love it that much.

I also used to collect toys. Like, a lot. I quit about a year ago, but I still do miss it every now and again.

So imagine a thing that combines video games, toy collecting and animé all in one. That thing you're imagining is called New Gundam Breaker.

This is the 4th installment in the Gundam Gunpla series. In this game, you'll be able to mix and match different Gunpla parts. I'm not sure if all the parts are going to affect your skills, your loadout, or your stats, or if it'll be completely cosmetic. I do think the parts you pick would have some gameplay mechanics. 

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Coolest Gaming Tech at CES 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show gives us the newest, weirdest, shiniest tech every year. It isn't really gaming-focused but since gaming has a lot to do with tech, we get to preview a lot of cool gaming toys. Here's our list of the coolest stuff from this year.


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It's Early 2018, Is It Still Worth Upgrading to the GTX 1080?

So it's early 2018, you've got a GTX 980 Ti that you've been rocking for the better part of 2017, and you're wondering if it's still worth upgrading to the GTX 1080. Do you think maybe it'd be better it to upgrade to the GTX 1080 Ti instead? I think, like in most things of this nature, the answer is "it depends."

Let me tell you why I decided to upgrade to the GTX 1080, instead of the GTX 1080 Ti, and maybe it can inform you of the factors you should consider before plopping down the cash for that shiny, new card. 

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Who Is Going to Die in Avengers Infinity War?

We're all speculating that someone's going to kick the bucket after the next couple Avengers movies. I mean, these actors are getting older and other projects need a-doing. A lot of theories are floating around the internet, but here's my take on it. To find out who is likely to die at the end of Avengers Infinity War, all you have to do is look at whose contracts are up after the films. 

Best Black Friday Deals in Gaming 2017

Instead of running to the malls and getting trampled, it might be better to just hang out at your house and do your shopping online. With the boom in eCommerce's popularity, it became ridiculously easy to overspend during the Black Friday weekend. And I believe, as gamers, there's no deal we won't take advantage of. So, I've gone ahead and collected some of the best deals for Black Friday that I've found.

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