Is the PS4 Pro Worth It?

The quick answer to that question is "it depends." There are a number of criteria that have to be fulfilled before I can say that "yes, the PS4 Pro is a good buy for you."

Let's start with the basics. What can the PS4 Pro do that the regular PS4 can't? In a nutshell, the PS4 Pro upscales your PS4 games to 4K resolution and improves gaming performance, pretty much. The Pro's GPU is 128% more powerful than the vanilla PS4, and that allows for the 4K output. The CPU of the Pro shares the same architecture of the vanilla PS4, only with a higher clock speed. Those two things are the main differences, but the Pro also sports 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth has been bumped up to 4.0 from 2.1. The bump in Bluetooth improves power consumption, data transfer rates, reliability, security, speed - all that good stuff.

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Beginner's 6600K Overclocking Adventure

When I put Kobalt together, I did so with the express intention of overclocking. I knew nothing about it. I had no experience in it. I just knew I wanted to do it.

I bought a 6600K and a all-in-one Corsair H80i GT Hydro Series CPU cooler, and then studied all I could about it. And I guess this shows obvious lack of forethought on my end because Kobalt was supposed to end up in a Cougar QBX, a teeny tiny pouch of a case. Eventually, he got bumped up to a Corsair Carbide Spec M2, so there's a little more breathing room, which helps with cooling.

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PlayStation VR First Impressions and Thoughts

Last July 28, 2016, PlayStation Asia announced availability and pricing of the PlayStation VR for Asian countries. On July 30, the announced that the PlayStation VR was going to be on display for trial at SM Megamall, at the Sony Store, starting July 31. I immediately made plans to go. I needed to experience VR for the first time, even if I'd be watched by dozens of people.

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Proposed Spoiler Rules

It's the same old story every time a new highly anticipated movie or game or TV show comes out. Despite multiple warnings on Facebook and Twitter accounts and multiple unfollowed former friends, people are going to post details or tell revealing in-jokes which can be considered spoilers. Stories and experiences get ruined, egos inflate, defenses go up, and friendships end.

There are many reasons why people spoil things. It can be because some don't know what constitutes as a spoiler. Others might not have any reference of when it's okay to talk about certain important plot points. Others still don't consider it rude, or were ignorant to the fact that it is, indeed, rude. Then there are inconsiderate assholes who either just don't care or they do it purely to ruin other people's experiences because they enjoy doing so.

Maybe if we deconstruct what makes a spoiler, why people do it, and propose how get around it, maybe we can lessen situations like where we'd have to unfollow more people on Facebook.

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PlayStation VR Launch Date and Price for Asia

The PlayStation VR finally has a launch date and price for Asia! The announcement was done at an event held in Singapore. You can find the details of that here

It will launch on October 13, 2016 at select Sony stores in Hong Kong, The Philippines, Singapore, Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. That means the Asian release coincides with the US and UK release. Huzzah!

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