Mary Ann Barbieto

What made Batman badass? Gotham.

Warner TV is set to launch Gotham, the action-packed series that tackles the story of the city's thriving system of organized crime and the law enforcers who are fighting a losing battle against the darkness and decay that threatens to swallow them all whole. 

You have to admit that there's the making of a great story there. Gotham has always been the city of Tim Burton's dreams, always dark and seedy and dangerous - even when it's the middle of the day, there always seems to be something nasty and grimy about it, tinged with a bit of despair. Plus, it's the city that made the goddamned Batman. While Bruce must have been pretty twisted to start hopping around in a latex suit after someone shot his parents, you have to be pretty curious about what happened to push him over the edge.

So yes, technically, the series could have been titled Bruce: the Lost Years, but who'd tune in to see that?

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Superman gets his feels on: a spoilery review of the Man of Steel

Despite its unimpressive Rotten Tomatoes score, I strongly suggest that you ignore all the cynics and see Man of Steel in the cinemas before it’s too late.  Why? Because it’s highly entertaining, and if you’re even the mildest fan of superheroes, it will be worth your time and money.

The latest reboot of the decades-old universe has quite a few fans and a good share of haters.  Most of the latter are latching on to the fact that the guy playing the Man himself, Henry Cavill, was not as charming or charismatic as any of the others who filled those red boots.  He didn’t come off half as naive or adorkably geeky as the reporter Clark Kent, either.  Even dorked-down, Cavill looked like he’d be propositioned by random strangers at least twice a day.

Having lost that lightness of character that he has when he’s not in costume, most people could say that Clark’s character is playing dangerously close to his JLA compatriot Bruce Wayne’s.  But I think the moodiness of Cavill’s character is fitting and way more believable. 

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ARC Mobile debuts Pinoy Android phones

The Filipino company ARC Mobile is set to launch a new line of Android phones that will feature some of the lowest prices possible in today’s market but also promises to provide consumers with the technology and performance that we have come to expect from our multitasking devices. 

Jordan Ng, ARC Mobile’s Product Manager, presided over a media launch last May 17, 2013.  During the launch, Ng presented tech bloggers and online journalists with the company’s entire product line so far, including a couple of prototypes which were not set to hit the market until June or July this year.

ARC has prepared four product lines - Basic phones, Prime Android phones, Nitro Android phones, and a line of tablets, simply named Tab. 

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