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Good Smile Company Nendoroid Mega Man Review

I have been a Mega Man (Rockman) fan for as long as I've been a gamer. One of the very first games I ever played was the original Rockman in 1989 (it launched in 1987 in Japan). And weirdly enough, I've never owned a Mega Man action figure, though there are plenty to choose from. But collecting Marvel Legends got in the way of getting Mega Man or gaming figures in general. I mean, I ain't made of monies.

But now, thanks to a friend of mine, Oskie, (who, bt-dubs, also did the music in the intro of the video below), I now have my very first Mega Man figure, and a Good Smile Nendoroid one to boot!

Check out the review below, which I hurriedly shot with my Samsung A5 - not the highest end phone ever but it did a serviceable job.

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Marvel Heroes 2016: Iron Man Lore-Friendly Beam Weave Hybrid Build

Marvel Heroes 2016 is a game I've been playing since launch, though I did quit for a little bit back when Marvel Heroes was still a diamond in the rough. I even wrote a review about it, which I agree was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction from me just because I was disappointed it wasn't as good as Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I was hating on it because of the genre of the game. Eventually, I wrote a revisit review. It's now the one game I don't ever put down for very long, which is weird for me because I was never a fan of MMORPGs. 

To date, I have quite a few level 60 heroes - Black Panther, Cable, Cyclops, Daredevil (main #1), Captain Marvel, Captain America, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Psylocke, Gambit, Dr. Strange, Moon Knight (main #2), and War Machine. Actually, there might be a couple more I can't remember right now. For today, though, I wanna talk about Iron Man.

Iron Man is one of Marvel's most popular characters. In Marvel Heroes 2016, he's also one of the most expensive. Unfortunately, he isn't up to snuff, especially when compared to the more recently released and reviewed heroes. But I do enjoy using the golden Avenger despite the challenges mainly for the lore more than anything else. If you're anything like me, you'd wanna play Iron Man just like me. Here's my build:

Here it is again on

I'm no min-maxer but I do try my best. Do you have suggestions for my build? Please do let me know in the comments! And then tell me which hero build you'd like to see next!

Kobalt - Bim's Corsair Carbide Spec M2 Micro-ATX Build

In 2006, I built my very first PC. It, at the time, was a fairly impressive machine. I used a Core 2 Quad back when Core 2 Quads were new. It served me faithfully for 10 years or so. During that time, every now and then, I would play around with the idea of upgrading my rig, researching on parts and prices. After getting married in 2015, I had saved up enough funds to finally get a new rig. 

I immediately set off researching once again. And this is what I eventually ended up with. Everyone, meet Kobalt.

Originally, I set out to build a Mini-ITX rig. I did my research, but I guess it wasn't thorough enough. Or at least, I believed I had the skillz to put one together. I am, by no means, a beginner, but building and picking out parts for a small build just fell right outside my skill set.

This was my original build:

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Top 5 Cinemas in Metro Manila

When going to the movies, a huge part of the movie-going experience is the quality of the cinema itself. A great movie in a crappy cinema can make for a horrible experience, which tends to sway a person's opinion on the movie itself. That's why if you're serious about having the absolute best experience (or close to it), you should totally read on.

Having been to multiple cinemas in Metro Manila and having a really particular taste in them, I have been able to put together a list of the 5 movie cinemas you should go to if you absolutely want the best experience.

Here's the criteria:

Ambiance - overall feel of the cinema
Seating - how seats are arranged and designed
Sensory experience - quality of both the audio and video
Crowd - who else will you be watching the movie with? Unless you like hanging out with noisy kids and large groups of friends, then this should matter to you.
Price - bang for the buck

Alright, let's get started.

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Who Is Dr. Strange?

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! Quite some time ago, Benedict Cumberbatch was announced as the lead for Marvel's Dr. Strange. Then a couple days back, the very first trailer dropped. Ever since then, Cumberbatch and Dr. Strange fans have been in a constant state of giddiness because, as far as anyone can tell, Cumberbatch nailed it.

But who is Dr. Strange exactly? While comic book fans totally know who Strange is; the good doctor has gotten involved with almost all of Marvel heroes because his power set allows him to be Marvel's own little deus ex machina, casual fans might not have any idea.

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