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Avengers Promo Art

Marvel released three more promo images full of so much asskickery, looking at them makes your butt hurt. They've popped up everywhere, so I'm not sure who to credit, so we'll just go with for now. Let's start off with the more awesome one, shall we?

HHNNNGGGGGGG!!! My ass hurts.

We get a glimpse of everyone's full costume. However, from the leaked images of the Cap and Thor filiming, these don't look exactly like the actual outfits - minor differences mostly. The blue on Cap here is just much better than the lighter shade that the leaked images showed. Thor's pants were a bit more loose in the leaked images, too. Considering that this is a drawing, the real life execution was done remarkably well!

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X-Men Destiny: Silicon Knights Behind the Scenes

When I first caught wind of X-Men Destiny, I spazzed out in an epileptic fit due to too much excitement. It was advertised as a game where a character you create will join the X-Men. I was filled with the hope that the character creation would be as powerful as, maybe, Dragon Age, or at the very least, those WWE games. I was stoked because I could finally put IMPREGNATOR in the X-Men, where he truly belongs.

Little by little, details started to emerge. And to be completely honest, my excitement quickly degenerated into a slimy form of disappointment. The very first video I saw at E3 showed me a generic brawler that didn't even reach InFamous 2 levels of coolness.

You can pick out of three characters - an Asian girl, a Cole Macgrath-look alike, and a jock. So, yeah, two white guys and an Asian girl.

Okay, maybe, I figured, maybe the gameplay will improve because that video was an early build. It hasn't changed a bit. Anyway, check out what Silicon Knights has to say about X-Men Destiny.

Thoughts on Henry Cavill's Superman Costume

I came across this article on World Of It had super close up shots of Henry Cavill in his Superman costume. I ganked a couple images so I could talk about them here.


I may not be the biggest Superman fan around but I still have a lot of nerd rage within me about this costume.

I guess the most glaring change would be the lack of the red underoos. Instead, they replaced it with an oversized cup and those alien-looking decals on the side of the costume. I've never really seen a Superman costume with that kind of design element. Maybe because it simply isn't as iconic as the red briefs.

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With the DC reboot well underway, people are starting to form valid and informed opinions about DC's new direction. Some are writing reviews, and some are discussing it within like-minded forums. Other people decided to just tweet about it. There's a ridiculously hilarious hashtag on Twitter right now -#DCnUSpoilers! We picked out a few of my favorites!

Ade Magnaye of Comicgasm has some of the funnier ones.

Ooh, and Batman can't stick to walls but he can hang up-side-down real good.

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Battlefield 3 Datablitz Pre-order Bonuses

My biggest gripe with gaming here in the Philippines is the fact that we were always overlooked when it came to pre-order or mail-in order bonuses. The Gamestop here doesn't offer the same bonuses, and we don't have Best Buy or Walmart. I felt cheated. I was always forced to wait a few months before I can download the DLC, and normally for $15. It just felt unfair - I'm willing to pre-order, to pay good money, but because I'm not from North America or Europe, I don't get anything.

That is until Datablitz started offering the same pre-order bonuses you would get from Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy!

The pre-order bonus from any Datablitz is the Physical Warfare pack with the Type 88 LMG, flash suppesors, DAO-12 shotgun and flechette rounds and a shirt. Seriously, I would've been fine with just a shirt. On top of that, you get the Back to Karkand expansion map pack, too.

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