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Ant-Man: Marvel’s Dark Horse Delivers

Photos Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (Ant-Man)

Ant-Man. Who, you might ask? If you were asked to name a superhero, he would probably not be the first one that would come to mind. I guess someone who could shrink to a size of an ant would not have the same recall as a billionaire flying around in a tech suit or a green behemoth who can crush you in his sleep. Even though I knew Ant-Man from the comic books, I admit that I was a naysayer right from the beginning. Watching the trailer did not help and I thought it was simply not going to fly.

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Cinderella: A Two-Hour Disneyland Experience

Photos Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (Cinderella)

Yes, Disney may have acquired hot property like Marvel and Star Wars in the last decade, but that doesn’t mean they have lost their touch when it comes to making a good, old-fashioned fairy tale come to life in a brand new way. After their smash hit Frozen (2013), Disney explores the story of another formidable princess with the live-action retelling of Cinderella (2015).

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Vampire Academy: The Right School for You

Photos Courtesy of the Weinstein Company (Vampire Academy)

Let’s be honest here. In the last five years of TV and cinema, we have been bombarded with a plethora of movies involving vampires, each one claiming to be the real deal when it comes to these supernatural creatures.  It is perfectly understandable that we develop a sort of intolerance towards them and suffer from vampire fatigue. Secretly, however, we all know we just want something new in this genre that will shake our preconceived notions, pique our interest and make us thirsty for blood again.

Can Vampire Academy be the one to bring back our thirst? You bet.

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Brave is On Target With Its Humor and Creativity

Brave centers on Merida, a free-spirited princess who prefers shooting arrows and climbing mountains over being a lady. Always trying to teach her what is prim and proper is her overbearing mother and queen, Elinor. When suitors arrive to win her hand in marriage, Merida finally snaps and embarks on a personal voyage to escape a life that is simply not meant for her.

People have always been fascinated with archery. Sure, guns blazing and massive explosions catch everyone’s attention, but we all know that there is a certain elegance that comes with the bow and arrow. With the advent of Hawkeye from the Avengers and Katniss from the Hunger Games, archery has never been more attractive in popular culture. That is why Pixar was right on the money with Brave. Good thing for us that it also proved to be so much more than a story about a silly girl and her archery adventures.

Brave has a unique but simple story to tell. Since it is straightforward and easy to understand, the audience will find it effortless to focus on how the events unfold before their eyes. The film is brilliant with its twists and surprises. For something that deals with the supposed marriage of a princess, it barely has an ounce of romance in it, which is actually good this time around. Merida is an example of a strong heroine who stands on her own (well, mostly on her own) and fights for what she believe in. She deviates from the usual princess role and does not wait for a knight in shining armor to save her from her troubles. Instead, she decides to save herself and then some.

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How YOU Can Survive Outbreak BGC (Manila)

Outbreak BGC (July 28) will be a shot at redemption for many who didn’t survive the first Outbreak at Nuvali, Laguna. However, there is nothing like success during the first try. Here are some tips to help new runners get a triumphant ending.

TIP #1: The organizers advocate simply running instead of thinking. This may be good advice, but a little thinking won’t hurt your chances of survival.  Analyze the movements of the zombies in front of you and you’ll find a way to evade their attacks.

TIP #2: Wait for other runners and then run. This is not a time to be a hero, everyone. This is a time to survive. When the zombies are preoccupied and distracted, take the chance to get out of the encounter unscathed.

TIP #3: The easy path is not always the easiest. When faced with the choice, take the hard path to take advantage of all the crazy runners taking it as well. More people means more distractions for our zombie friends and less attention towards you (Please see TIP #2).

TIP #4: Come to the race with... clean ears? Yes, clean those ears! Those dark areas near the tracks are your enemies. You never know what are lurking behind them so better listen, listen and listen.

TIP #5: Before throwing yourself into the fray, be resourceful and make it hard for the zombies to get your precious lives by adjusting your flag belt depending on which side they will reach out from. Don't put them near sensitive body parts though, that would be cheating!

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